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There are a few favorite authors whose book I will preorder without even knowing the story. Anne Ursu has become one of those authors for me. I finished her new book, The Lost Girl, within a few days of receiving it. And, no surprise, it was beautiful.

The Story

Iris and Lark are identical twins, but they are very different. Lark is shy, creative, and whimsical. Iris sees her job as defending Lark. And for the first time, the girls will be in separate classes at school.

Iris and Lark begin to lose themselves and each other as they are pulled in opposite directions. The Lost Girl contains a little mystery, a little magic, and a big emotional punch.

What I Loved

Stronger TogetherThe Lost Girl is about how as girls and women, we are strong together. When we stand up for each other, we all benefit.

Beautiful Writing–This book is a strong display of Ursu’s lyrical writing and deft use of imagery. I found myself immediately wanting to reread it.

Fairytale Themes–As usual, Ursu has woven fairytales into this contemporary setting. Most prominently, you’ll find The Pied Piper and Hansel and Gretel.

Parent’s Should Know

Politics–If you don’t like your kids’ books to get political, this may not be the book for your family. The Camp Awesome girls have frank discussions about patriarchy and feminism, all of which tie into the plot.

Mild PerilThe Lost Girl contains some mild peril and creepiness. Ages ten and older will best enjoy it.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic book for middle-grade readers. Girls especially will resonate with its themes.

What book has your child loved recently?