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My kids know that sometimes their mama cries while reading. Ok, so it happens fairly often. But I’m not sure I’ve ever cried reading a wordless book before.

Until today.

The Girl and the Bicycleย by Mark Pett is a beautiful story of longing and friendship told entirely in pictures.

A girl and her little brotherย pass a beautiful green bicycle in a store window. She immediately runs home to count her money, but even after looking for spare change in the couch, she falls short. After a failed lemonade stand and yard sale, she looks for other ways to earn money. Finally, she finds an older lady to rake leaves for. She continues to help with various chores through different seasons, and a friendship develops. (Yes, all this really is told in pictures!)

I won’t tell you the ending, but there is a double sweetness to it. The girl has found what she didn’t even know she needed: a friend.

The Girl and the Bicycle is a new favorite around here, and I can’t wait to check out more of Mark Pett’s books!

What wordless book has moved you deeply?