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When I found out a friend I had met at Hutchmoot–a conference about faith in the arts–had written a book, I was curious to read it. I didn’t expect to get swept away in a compelling, beautiful written story. But that’s exactly what happened when I read The Arrow and the Crown by Emma C. Fox.

The Story

When sixteen-year old Anna wakes to sounds of the Beast in their barn, she must face her fears of the Günderwald forest to track her horse. There, she meets a kind-hearted woodsman and begins to fall in love. But when the Beast continues to ravage her village, Anna is determined to stop him by any means necessary. In doing so, she discovers her world is more mysterious than she believed possible and proves that she is stronger than she knew.

What I loved about this book

Fox employs beautiful language and imagery in The Arrow and the Crown. The characters were engaging, and the twists and turns kept me engaged throughout. Just when I thought I had something figured out, I discovered I was wrong.

What parents should know

This is a young adult book, so there is some romance, peril, battles, and even a scary demon. However, I didn’t find anything that most families would find objectionable (other than the uncle letting his sixteen-year-old niece go into the woods alone to visit a woodsman–without which, we wouldn’t have a story).

This is a great, compelling read full of twists and mystery. I’d recommend it for ages 14 and up (including adults).

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