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We love books!

But, like most of you, we also like watching the occasional movie with our kids. And this movie is so phenomenal that I just had to share it with y’all!

Let me tell you why we loved this film.

Song of the Sea is magical.

1) It is beautifully animated. I really cannot tell you the last movie that I thought was this beautiful to watch. Honestly, it felt like a well-illustrated book: it was that good!

2) It values sibling relationships. This is so important to me. I can’t stand books and movies where the siblings never get along. Although this movie begins with sibling tension, the relationship between Ben and Saoirse (SEER-sha) blossoms into something beautiful.

3) The magical and non-magical world mirror the same story. This is storytelling at it’s finest, and it’s told not just in the story, but in the hundreds of visual details that connect the threads of meaning.

4) It takes an old myth and makes it new. The seal-skin myth, though perhaps not well known, is nothing new. In fact, you can read an old version of it in the Google book below. But Song of the Sea‘s take on this myth, emphasizing the power of a family’s love, is beautiful.

Need more convincing? Here’s a preview.

What family movie would you love to recommend?