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Over the last few of months, my kids and I have listened our way through all of Beverly Cleary’s beloved Ramona books in the car.

I didn’t grow up reading Ramona. I was really more into fantasy, and I somehow got the idea that Ramona was a brat. That idea carried with me into adulthood. It could be the fact that one of the books is entitled Ramona the Pest. But finally, after hearing so many people sing their praises, I decided it was time to give these classics a try.

I was so pleasantly surprised.

Ramona gave me a new outlook on what it’s like to see, feel, and think through a child’s eyes. And she gave me a better perspective on my own children. I was really more of a Beezus growing up. If you haven’t read the books, Ramona’s older sister, Beezus, is a good student and a rule follower. I can’t identify with many of Ramona’s impulses to do things that seem a bit crazy. But I know my kids can. And Ramona gave me a little more empathy of what it’s like to be in their shoes.

There is some name calling (pie-face, for some reason, seems to be a favorite), and sometimes Ramona and her sister bicker. But it’s evident in each story that each member of Ramona’s family really does love each other.

My kids loved the audiobooks so much that they begged me to listen again once we returned them to the library. So, I happily bought the Ramona audiobook collection on Audible for them (all 8 books for one credit). If you’re thinking of getting an Audible membership, this collection is an amazing deal. You can get the Ramona collection, or any other audiobook, FREE with your free 30-day Audible trial. (You get to keep any Audible books you buy, even if you cancel your membership. Just click the link below.)