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I have been reluctant to return this book for imaginative children to the library. I’ve simply fallen in love with it. So, since I’m out of renewals and must return it, I’ll first share it with you.

This is Sadie by Sara O’Leary describes a day for this imaginative child. A box becomes a boat. She builds things. She visits friends in books and imagines herself in those worlds. She is never bored because of her brilliant imagination.

She leaves a few messes in her creative frenzies. But, like most creative children, she doesn’t notice them.

I love to see children imagining, creating, and reading. But, as a parent, I can get frustrated with the mess left behind. This book reminds me of the joyful beauty that exists in childhood imagination and cautions me not to spoil it in my quest for a clean house.

this is sadie

Your imaginative child will completely understand This is Sadie. But I hope this book also helps you understand and appreciate your imaginative child.

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this is sadie

What book for imaginative children would you recommend?