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The ocean is a beautiful and fascinating place for children and adults alike. And there are an amazing number of wonderful books about the ocean that any child would love. I’ve picked a handful of ocean themed books for preschoolers in today’s post.

Inspire your child to learn more about the sea with these fascinating ocean themed books for preschoolers (and up).

Into the A, B, Sea and One Nighttime Sea are both by Deborah Lee Rose. Steve Jenkins beautifully illustrates these books with collage artwork. Into the A, B, C names ocean creatures beginning with each letter of the alphabet. One Nighttime Sea counts ocean animals from one to ten and back to one. Learn more about each animal in the back of the books.

Shells, Shells, Shells by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace is a great primer on shells for little ones. Written as a story, a little bear and his mom discover different types of shells as they explore the beach.

 The Seashore Book by Charlotte Zolotow is a beautifully written story of a mother describing the ocean to her son who has never seen it. This would be a lovely book to read to children before a trip to the beach.

Atlantic by G. Brian Karas–If the Atlantic Ocean could describe herself to your child, what would she say? This book is one beautifully written answer.

 One Morning in Maine by Robert McCloskey will immerse your child in the island life of Sal and her little sister as they go digging for clams and ride in a boat with their father to the mainland. This is a different type of ocean book, but a delightful read nonetheless.

Want to take all of this ocean fun further? Check out the free printable Ocean Matching Pack from Life over C’s. Or try this fun mixed media project to create a Sailboat Painting from Life Between Little and Big. Have fun!

What are your favorite ocean themed books for preschoolers?