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I never had a sister, but I do have three girls, so I’m always excited to find a book about sisters getting along (or learning to do so). And I’ve recently found a delightful series of picture books that do just that!

Lori Nichols series about Maple and her sister Willow are a joy to read. Each book explores a different stage in the journey of sisterhood.

 Maple begins as a sweet story of a girl who loves playing out in nature. But Maple, and the reader, are surprised as things change and she gains a new baby sister, Willow. This would make a wonderful book to prepare an older child to welcome a new baby.

 Maple and Willow Together reminds me so much of my two youngest girls. They are always together and usually get along, but not always. But Maple and Willow Together shows how sisters make it work by saying sorry. This book is not preachy. It just shows a beautiful relationship between two sisters.
 Maple and Willow Apart was recently published, and I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. In this book Maple goes to school. She and Willow miss each other, yet manage to remain close.

My other favorite series that encourages the sisterly bond is Ling and Ting by Grace Lin.

Do you have a favorite book that encourages good sibling relationships?

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