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I’m celebrating my two-year blogiverary!

That’s right, I’ve been writing a book related post nearly ever week for two years! That’s over 100 posts! And I’m celebrating with some news and not one giveaway, but TWO!

News and Changes

And I’ve got some other exciting news. I’ve always dreamed of writing for children, and that dream is starting to come true. I’ve now sold three poems to various children’s magazines which will be published in 2017 and beyond. In addition, I’m writing and submitting new poems and stories every week.

Because of my writing goals and because I have a good backlog of posts now, I’ll be decreasing my blogging schedule to twice a month for the time being. I plan to do one picture book post and one post about a chapter book or middle-grade novel.

Thank You!

Thanks so much for being a loyal reader! I appreciate you, and I’ll continue to work at bringing you valuable reviews, just at a little slower pace.

And, Finally, the Giveaway!

And now, to celebrate this Blogiversary, I’ll be giving away two of my favorite books from this year: They All Saw a Cat (full review here) and Circus Mirandus (full review here). You can enter to win one or both until midnight Central on November 15. And don’t forget to find me on Instagram @housefullofbookworms where I occasionally run more giveaways of my favorite books.