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We listened to Emily’s Runaway Imagination by Beverly Cleary as an audiobook, and let’s just say I was enchanted along with my kids by this story.

Emily Bartlett lives on a farm in a small Oregon town in the 1920’s. She longs for a library, like the one her cousin writes her about, so she is overjoyed when her mom decides to try and organize a chapter of the library in their town. As this sweet story progresses, Emily must learn to deal with various embarrassments, disappointments, and challenges that stem from her runaway imagination.

This book is sweet and funny, and it will delight you and your children.

I love Emily’s development as a character! She is a sweet girl who is easy to love. Your children will identify with Emily as she makes mistakes like any other kid. They will experience the unfamiliar setting of a small farming town near the turn of the century through Emily’s vivid perspective.

I always appreciate books in which the main character is someone with a kind temperament: someone that I would want my kids to emulate. Emily’s Runaway Imagination passes this test.

I highly recommend this book, especially for elementary-age girls. The audiobook was lovely as well.

I think Emily’s Runaway Imagination is my favorite Beverly Cleary book so far.

Do you have a favorite Beverly Cleary book?