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Ok, I know you are here for recommendations of coloring books for kids. But first I have a question.

What do you think of allowing your kids to color or doodle while listening (say to a read aloud or audiobook)? Perhaps your kids could benefit from it more than you think. Adults are beginning to recognize the calming benefits of coloring, and those benefits apply to kids too. But Sunni Brown, in the TED Talk below, tells us about how doodling can actually help people remember more of what they hear. (It’s a short video and worth watching).

So, maybe next time you read aloud or pull out an audiobook for your kids, hand them a coloring book as well. I’ve included some great choices below.

If you liked what Sunni Brown had to say in this video, you may also enjoy her book, The Doodle Revolution, Unlock the Power to Think Differently.


Now, on to the coloring books for kids!

Taro Gomi has created and inspired a range of doodle books to get kids’ creative juices flowing! There are even doodle placemats for while your kids wait for lunch! These are great for kids, like my son, who enjoy drawing more than coloring. They also make great idea generators for kids who want to draw but have trouble coming up with ideas.

Doodles: A Really Giant Coloring and Doodling Book
Do You Doodle?
Story Doodles Placemats

Dover has great historical and nature based coloring books. The ones pictured below barely scratch the surface. If you are looking for a period in history or topic in nature or science, they have it. We’ve used these to supplement our history and science studies in our homeschool. These are also some of the least expensive coloring books out there.

The Birdwatcher’s Coloring Book
A Walk in the Woods
Rainforest Coloring Book
Life in Ancient Rome
Wonders of the World
Around the World

Detailed coloring books are great for read aloud time or just for de-stressing (for you or your kids). These are just beautiful, but keep in mind that the more detailed pictures will be difficult for younger kids to color to their satisfaction. And make sure to invest in good markers or pencils for these books so your kids (or you) can feel satisfied with the outcome.

Lost Ocean
Splendid Cities
Stress Less Mandalas
Color Me Mindful: Underwater

Art inspired (and art inspiring) coloring books. Whether you want to copy the great masters or make your own artistic statement, these books are great starting places.

Make Art Mistakes
Color Your Own Van Gogh Paintings
Art Masterpieces to Color

Now, go forth and color!