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Most of us love to see creativity in our kids (as long as it’s not expressed in Sharpie on the living room wall).

Encouraging creativity is a great way to boost our children’s self-esteem, independence, and perseverance. And let’s face it, creativity is a huge asset in an economy with a growing number of entrepreneurs. Kids are inspired by and often mimic what they read.

Over the next three weeks, I’ll be focusing on three types of creativity: artistic, inventive, and written creativity. Each post will recommend books that inspire creativity in kids (and some resources too).

Books to Inspire Artistic Creativity

 Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds is about a girl who considers herself an artist. But one day she faces a dilemma: how to paint a sky with no blue! Your kids will love her creative solution and be inspired to see things differently.

 Windblown by Eduard Manceau is an inventive book to help kids look at shapes in new ways. Manceau rearranges the shapes into multiple objects. Your kids will be inspired to create their own.

 Hands: Growing Up to be an Artist by Lois Ehlert looks like a hodgepodge scrapbook. Ehlert talks about her childhood and using the tools provided by her mother and father in her own creative endeavors.

 The Scraps Book: Notes From a Colorful Life by Lois Ehlert will especially be appreciated by fans of her other books. I love how she demonstrates the process of finding ideas and actually planning a layout for a picture book.

Resources to Inspire Artistic Creativity

Now that your child is inspired, make sure they have the tools handy they need to create! Here are a few suggestions.

American Girl Crafts Super Paper Pad

Sculpy Polimer Clay

Construction Paper

Art Set

Alex Toys Giant Art Jar

Adventures in Cartooning Activity Book

642 Things to Draw

What about you? Do you have any favorite books that inspire creativity in kids?