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I adore picture books, but it’s rare for me to run across one and think, I have to dedicate a whole post to this book. But Big Friends by Linda Sarah is one of those rare books. It’s a book about friendship.

Big Friends asks the question, can a twosome become a threesome? And it provides the most inspirational answer.

Maybe it’s something that every kid goes through, but I’m certain it’s an experience every introvert has had. For me, it happened in fifth grade. I had other friends, but I was a one best friend kind of girl. And when suddenly my best friend didn’t share my homeroom and had made new friends of her own that she wanted to include at recess, I was crushed.

I wish I had this book back then.

In Big Friends, Birt and Etho are best friends (and, really, this book would be inspiring based on their creative play with boxes alone). But then Shu comes along. Etho is ready to include him, but Birt feels strange.

I know exactly how he felt. Maybe your kid does too.

Birt tramples his box and stays home. And that’s probably how most friendship stories in elementary school end. But this one doesn’t. Etho and Shu find a way to change the game and include Birt in brand new way. Until, finally, the twosome becomes a threesome.

If your kid is an introvert or has struggled with a friendship, give them this book. If you want to prepare your child for how to blend groups of friends together, this would be a great read as well. Sometimes friendships can’t last for one reason or another. But I wonder if my own childhood friendships might have been different if I’d had a model for inclusion like the one in this book.

What book has helped you or your child learn to navigate friendship?