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It’s summer reading program time again! I always get excited about summer reading programs, especially when the rewards are more books!

We all want to avoid the summer slump, but remember, our goal is to get your kids excited about reading. If these contests do that, great. If they add too much pressure, skip them.

Summer Reading Programs (with Prizes!)

  1. Your Local Library: Most libraries have the best free summer reading programs. Ours awards children with a new book of their choice, and they even allow pre-readers to participate by being read aloud to.
  2. Barnes and Noble’s Summer Reading Program is back to its previous format. When your child records eight books read, they earn a free book from Barne’s and Nobel’s preselected list. I’m not super excited about any of this year’s titles, but there are some ok ones. I am a big fan of kids owning their own books, and this is a great way to do it. The contest is for kids grades 1 – 6. Here’s a direct link to the chart and prize books for 2017.
  3. Half Price Books Feed Your Brain Summer Reading Program lets kids earn a Bookworm Bucks coupon to be used in the store. In the past, it’s been a $5 coupon, but this year the amount is not specified, so that may have changed. Kids can earn a total of two coupons during the summer by logging 300 minutes in June and again in July. Younger kids can participate too as being read aloud to counts. Also, Half Price Books is one of the few programs that allows kids up to 14 to participate! Here’s a link to their Reading Log.
  4. Local Independent Bookstores: Your local independent bookstore likely has a summer reading program for kids. San Antonio’s own beloved Miss Anastasia of The Twig Book Shop has created a summer reading program for kids, including prereaders. Kids fill out 10 books read and turn it in for a chance to win weekly drawings (they can enter multiple times) throughout the summer (details here).
  5. Chuck E. Cheese will reward kids for positive behaviors like reading all year long! Just print out and fill in one of their Reward Calendars, log it for two weeks, and bring it with you on your next visit.
  6. Scholastic’s Summer Reading Challenge offers virtual rewards when kids log books read. They also can enter to win prizes from Klutz.

Summer Reading Challenges/Clubs

  1. Read the World Summer Book Club is hosted by Jamie C. Martin of Simple Homeschool and Sarah Mackenzie of the Read-Aloud Revival. It’s based on Jamie’s wonderful book, Give Your Child the World. Each week focuses on a different continent. This is a reading challenge your whole family can participate in.
  2. Storyformed has some downloadable booklists for 10 and 12-year olds available. The download is a checklist format, so your child can check off books as they read them. If you are wanting your kids to read and enjoy the classics, these lists are spot on. (Be sure to check out their podcast as well.)
  3. Traveling Through the Pages is put on by Pam Barnhill of EdSnapshots. Each year, she has a fun new reading chart that challenges your child to read in multiple categories. This year’s chart is a reading passport, which looks super fun. You can still get the charts from the past couple of years HERE in case your kids prefer an enchanted forest or space theme.
  4. Reading Hopscotch Challenge is a reading chart I developed last year to encourage kids to read a variety of books. It’s a little less intense than the Traveling Through the Pages program above as kids only need to read 10 books to complete the challenge. It can be used in conjunction with another reading program or on its own. I’m not offering prizes this year, but there is a reward certificate.

Here’s a peek at the Reading Hopscotch Challenge:

Summer Reading Hopscotch Challenge

Reading Resource

  • The Read Up app helps kids track minutes read (and which books they are reading). This is a great way to keep track of minutes for contests that require logging time instead of counting of books like Half Price Book’s program.

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What are your favorite summer reading programs or resources?

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