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When my older kids were probably 3 and 5, I came across these extraordinary audio Bible stories. They are told by a lady named Joelee Chamberlain. She speaks with a gentle, grandmotherly voice. She talks right to her listeners, and I found my kids responding out loud to her questions.

Instead of retelling Bible stories, she narrates a whole book or section of the Bible as a story. Each story is about 30-45 minutes long (some are longer or shorter). Her stories are easy for kids to understand, and they include more, accurate Biblical detail than almost any children’s Bible I have seen.

I recently went looking for her stories again, and I was excited to find there are many new ones we haven’t listened to yet!

Best yet, all of these audio Bible stories are available for free! Listen online, or put them on a CD or device for your kids to listen to in the car or at home.

I hope you (and your kids!) enjoy this great resource!

Click the following link below to be directed to Joelee Chamberlain’s Audio Bible Stories for Kids.

We’ve also enjoyed The Singing Bible from Focus on the Family and the audio version of The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Do you have a favorite resource for teaching your kids the Bible?

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