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As you may know, my first book, Noah Green Junior Zookeeper and the Garage Sale Pet, came out last month (March 2019). And, no, I’m not going to “review” my own book. But I would like to introduce you to it!(

Let’s start with a pop quiz. Is Noah Green…

  1. a 600-year old man who built an ark
  2. a girl who has never owned a single pet
  3. the youngest zookeeper in world history

If you answered number two, you are correct! Did you peek?

Noah loves animals, and she and has always wanted a pet. But after a dog-sitting disaster, she’s sure her parents will never let her get one. So when they allow her to buy the pet she finds at a garage sale, all her problems are solved… until she realizes her new pet won’t stop growing! Noah is left with both a mystery and a dilemma.

Who would enjoy The Garage Sale Pet?

  • Animal-loving kids
  • Kids who enjoy mystery and light suspense, but maybe don’t like books that are too intense
  • Kids who are reading on their own but get discouraged by long books

What Kids are Saying

Book Trailer

Noah Green Junior Zookeeper and the Garage Sale Pet Book Trailer

Q and A

Is Noah Green Junior Zookeeper a series?

Yes! I’ve signed a contract for three books in the Noah Green Junior Zookeeper series. Currently, the illustrator is working on drawings for book two, Save the Cave. If all goes well, it should come out fall 2019.

Will all the Noah Green Junior Zookeeper books feature a specific animal?

Yes! Book two, Save the Cave, features bats. Each of the books will have a “Noah’s Journal” section in the back with facts about that books animal.

Why did you name your main character Noah if she’s a girl?

Great question! When I first began this story, it was about a boy named Jacob. But the story just wasn’t working. I thought a change of name might help. Since I knew all the stories would be animal related, I tried thinking of an animal related name. Of course, I thought of Noah from the Bible with his ark full of animals! But it seemed a little cheesy when I tried it for a boy. Then, the idea struck. What about a girl named Noah? After all, I knew all about being a girl who loved animals! The name stuck, and Noah came alive.

I missed the pre-order bonus. Can I still get the prequel story?

Good news! You can still get the fully-illustrated prequel story, The Dog-Sitting Disaster, by signing up for my author newsletter.

I want to help get the word out about your book, but I can’t buy a copy. What should I do?

Thank you! There are lots of ways to help an author out without buying books. You could…

  • Request that your local public or school library buy a copy
  • Add it to your “to read” list on Goodreads
  • Tell a friend or share this post
  • If you’ve read a copy, leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes and Noble

Other Chapter Books Fans of Noah Green Might Enjoy

The Cam Jansen Series by David Adler–I loved listening to my oldest daughter read these when was first beginning chapter books. Cam is a fun, clever protagonist, and these simple mysteries are great for young readers.

Critter Club Series by Callie Barkley–The Critter Club is a group of girls who help animals. These are very sweet stories and tend to focus on the girls relationships and problems.

Books by E. B. WhiteThe Trumpet of the Swan was the first chapter book that turned me on to reading. These classics are just as great for today’s kids.

Have you read Noah Green Junior Zookeeper and the Garage Sale Pet yet?

I’d love to hear what you or your kids thought or answer any questions (no spoilers, please!). Also, I’d greatly appreciate any reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or wherever you buy your books. Thank you!


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