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Have you ever made a mistake that causes you want to curl up in a ball and hide from the world? I have! But when you’re a kid, those feelings are compounded. That’s exactly what Andrea Tsurumi’s fantastic new picture book, Accident!, is all about.

Accident by Andrea Tsurumi

The Story

When Lola–quite possibly the world’s most adorable armadillo–knocks a jug of juice onto her parents’ nice white chair, she’s sure she has ruined everything. She follows her first instinct: run away to the library and hide until she’s a grownup.

But she’s not the only one with a problem. On the way, she meets other animals who feel horrible about the things they’ve broken or the messes they’ve made. Pretty soon, a small troop of animals is fleeing with Lola to the library. As they run they pass a town packed full of accidents galore. And then, the biggest disaster of all strikes.

But one word from a friendly bird turns things around. “Accident.” Lola and her friends apologize and help fix their messes, and realize, it’s not the end of the world.

Why I Loved Accident!

I love how this story turns a stressful situation on its head. The hilarious illustrations keep the fun going as things spiral out of control.

But there’s a real lesson here. Everyone has accidents and makes mistakes. We all feel like running away and hiding (in the library) sometimes. But we can apologize and help make things right (this is so key) and move on.

There is so much to see on every page. Your kids will love spotting every accident. Tsurami also included an amazing variety of animals. My kids have wanted to read Accident! again and again.

What book has taught your kids an important lesson in a fun way?


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