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I’ve been looking forward to this new picture book for a while, and it did not disappoint! Reading Unplugged by Steve Antony will gently encourage your kids to turn off their screens and head outside.

Most kids, given the choice, will choose screen time over creative play outdoors. And we, as parents, need all the help we can get to remind kids just what they’re missing if they always choose screens.This picture book is here to help.

Unplugged is the story of a cute little robot who loves being plugged into her computer. After all, she gets to play games all… day… long! (Sounds like the dream come true for most kids, right?)

But one day, the little robot tumbles down the stairs and outside! She discovers new friends and plays with them all day long. I bet you can guess which she likes better.

What’s so brilliant about Unplugged is how the illustrations make playing outside so much more appealing than just being on a screen all day. The book never says screens are bad or wrong. It just shows that there’s a better option.

Have you found a picture book that encourages your kids to get “unplugged” and head outside?

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