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When I first discovered the Little Books by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, I thought they were a hoot (pun intended). Little Hoot, Little Oink, and Little Pea offer a hilariously different perspective on the “problems” of childhood such as having to go to bed, clean your room, or eat your veggies.

In the worlds of these books, those childhood problems are turned on their head.

Little Hoot is the story of an owl child who hates having to stay up late. All his friends get to go to bed, but he has to stay up and play.

In Little Oink, a pig child laments having to mess up his room. He finds a creative solution to his need for tidiness and order.

Little Pea really hates his dinner, but Peas must eat candy to grow up big and strong (who knew?).  What he really longs to eat are vegetables.

Given the plot of these books, they could easily have been written from a very negative, complaining perspective (one that I would not want my kids to mimic). However, the first half of each book is devoted to what the character loves about being an owl, pig, or pea. And each book ends on a happy note as well.

My kids loved these books. They immediately identified with these characters who faced the reverse of their own problems. I loved the reminder that a problem depends on your perspective. And the next time we face one of those situations, I’ll just remind the kids of their “Little” friends.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal has written a number of other amazing books including Chopsticks, Duck Rabbits, and Cookies (my review here).

Do you have a favorite book that deals with the “problems” of childhood?

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