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I stumbled upon this great deal list of kids Kindle books for $1 that I wanted to share with you! Tweet: I stumbled upon this great deal list of kids Kindle books for $1... http://ctt.ec/7SW11+Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can read these books with your kids via the Kindle app on any computer, tablet or smartphone. And one dollar for a book is hard to beat!

Four of the books on this list are by an author I really like: Nancy Elizabeth Wallace. I enjoy her artistic style of sweet cutout mice and rabbits. Her books are usually educational. She has books about art, nature, and the alphabet.

My favorite is her book Look! Look! Look! Three mice get a postcard with a famous painting on the front. They explore different aspects of the artwork such as shape, color, and pattern. (Sadly, this one is not on the $1 list, but it’s a great intro to looking at art for young children).

I also noticed that most of Wallace’s books are also available on Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited plan, which lets you borrow up to six eligible kindle books at a time. It’s not just for kids books either. Our family subscribes to this and has enjoyed it so far.

So, without further ado, here’s the link to the list:

$1 Kids Kindle Books

Let me know if you find a new favorite!