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Did you know April is National Poetry Month? I didn’t! But I’m so excited about it. I’m always meaning to incorporate more poetry into our days, and this is just the push I need.

I’ve always loved poetry. I’ve been trying to write poems since I learned my letters (I certainly couldn’t spell). In fact, my parents saved my very first poem. I’ll share it with you just to encourage you how kids (your kids) will naturally love to experiment with poetry in a non-judgemental environment. Here it is, from my first-grade self:

Bread and butter,

Bread and butter,

Bread and butter

Talked and muttered.

I know, profound, right? I’ll never be poet laureate, but poetry is all about expressing yourself and having fun with words.

The more your kids are exposed to poetry, the more interested they will be in experimenting with it!

Will you join me in celebrating National Poetry Month by reading poetry with your kids every day in April? (Don’t worry if you miss a day or week, just have a goal of including more poetry in your day).

Here are some ideas of how to celebrate National Poetry Month with your kids:

I’m working on compiling a list of some of our favorite poetry books. I’d love to hear about your favorites! They might even make it onto the list!

Here are a few of our favorites, just to get you started: