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There’s nothing like a book to prepare a child for new experiences. And if your child is getting ready to become a big brother or a big sister for the first time, these books are a fabulous way to prepare them to welcome a new baby. There are funny books, sweet books, and books that focus on the older sibling. I’ve rounded up my favorites in each category. I hope you enjoy and share with any expecting moms you know.

Funny Books About New Babies

Whether or not you are expecting a new baby, these books are hilarious!

Ninja Baby by David Zeltser–When baby Nina karate chops the doctor on the day of her birth, her parents realize they have a ninja baby! This book hilariously puts every baby activity in the guise of a ninja. And baby Nina is perfectly happy until the new baby, a kung fu master, comes along, stealing attention away from her. This book is funny and sweet, delightful for new parents and older siblings alike.

The Boss Baby by Marla Frazee–Having a new baby sometimes feels like having a new boss. Frazee perfectly captures life with a new, demanding, “boss” baby with heart and humor. The illustrations give the book a vintage feel that parents are sure to enjoy. I haven’t seen it, but there is a new movie based on this book. There is also a follow-up book, Bossier Baby, but this one is my favorite.

Sweet Books About New Babies

If you are looking for a sweet book to prepare your child for their new sibling, I’ve got you covered.

We are Brothers, We are Friends by Alexandra Penfold–A big brother tells his baby brother all the adventures he has planned for them. This book is wonderfully sweet and simple.

Little Miss, Big Sis by Amy Krouse Rosenthal–This sweet book, told in ultra-short rhymes, is all about becoming a big sister. From the announcement to the waiting to the helping to the sweet (and even annoying), this book covers it all. It’s sure to get your child excited about becoming a big sister (or brother).

New Baby Books that Focus on the Older Sibling

The great thing about the following books is that they focus on the older sibling. Becoming a big brother or a big sister can be a huge transition, and these books will help your child feel special.

Maple by Lori Nichols–This is the first in a sweet series of picture books about sisterhood. Maple loves her name and her tree. Taking care of her tree ends up being great practice for taking care of her sister. The bond between the two girls at the end is precious.

How to be a Baby by Me the Big Sister by Sally Lloyd-Jones--This is a great book to help an older sibling feel special about being older rather than resentful of the new baby. It’s charmingly written with creative lists of what baby can or cannot do.

One Special Day by Lola M. Schaefer–This is a sweet one. Older siblings will love how the big brother is the focus of the book rather than the baby. There is some great interactivity in this book as well as kids are invited to fill in certain words with the animal pictured.

Little Big Girl by Claire Keane–Similarly to the previous book, this one keeps the focus on the big sister before introducing the baby. When she meets the baby, Matisse realizes that she is big (in a good way).

What’s your favorite book to prepare older siblings to welcome a new baby?