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Are you looking for some bookish gifts for your kids this Christmas? (And maybe some for yourself too!) These are some of my very favorite bookish gifts around the web to read, wear, color, or listen to.

If you’re looking for a list of books, check out the one I made last Christmastime or subscribe to my newsletter to download my Favorite Books for Every Age list.

Older or jewelry loving kids might enjoy these book pins!

Actually, if someone wants to stuff my stocking with these, I won’t complain.

For younger kids try a book box like Literaseeds.

Literaseeds offers a monthly subscription box for kids aged 1-5 that includes both classic and recent books as well as inspirational art. (I got to see the preliminary booklist, and it’s fantastic). Plus, getting a package in the mail is fun no matter how old you are.

Maybe your kids are the artsy type?

They might enjoy some book-related art of coloring pages like this one by author and artist Jennifer Trafton. Look up your favorite illustrators on Etsy. Many of them have shops where they sell prints from books they have illustrated.

Magazine subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving.

I’ve been eyeing illustoria, an amazing-looking new magazine aimed at inspiring creativity. Other great magazines include Babybug, Ask, and Clubhouse Jr., but there are many more options.

How about gifting your kids some cool reading journals?

I’ve been eying these beautiful science-themed journals from Cognitive Surplus for a while now. I think my kids would love these.

Gift your family an FM Bluetooth Speaker.

How is this a bookish gift you might ask? Well, if, like me, you don’t have a fancy new car with Bluetooth built in, this will enable you to listen to Audible or Overdrive or anything else on your phone through your car’s stereo! I just got one of these, and I wish I had known about these a long time ago. They are also super affordable (mine was under $20).

Give your family an Audible subscription.

Like a magazine subscription, Audible is a gift that just keeps giving. You could pick a new book with your kids each month. Or maybe for yourself. They are having a crazy good deal at the time I’m writing this: three months at $4.95 (not sure how long it will last).

What are your favorite bookish gifts?