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A while ago I posted about my favorite soothing bedtime books for little ones. But sometimes our big kids like to have their own special bedtime books too!

These books may be slightly longer, have rich vocabulary, and beautiful illustrations just brimming with details.

Here’s my list of soothing bedtime books for big kids. If you have older kids who still enjoy picture books, this list is for you.

Sleep Like a Tiger by Mary Logue–This is such a beautifully crafted book. It begins with a little girl who is not sleepy. She is not bratty about it (thank you!), and her parents say ok, but let’s get ready for bed anyway. Then she asks about how different kinds of animals sleep. Little by little she falls alseep in some way like each animal. The illustrations are fascinating. The girl, her parents, and most of the animals wear a crown, which I believe is a particular quirk of this illustrator. Make sure you chek out this book!

In a Blue Room by Jim Averbeck–This may be the most soothing bedtime story I know. The little girl can only sleep in a blue room and wants everything to be blue. Her mother brings her one soothing object at a time to calm each sense: tea, a quilt, bells, a flower. And when she turns off the lights, the girl drifts off to sleep in a now blue room.

You Nest Here With Me by Jane Yolen–Learn the names of birds with your child and where they nest in this sweet poem. Each stanza ends with “you nest here with me.” The illustrations of birds in their nests are just beautiful.

Goodnight Songs by Margaret Wise Brown–You might be surprised to learn that the author of Goodnight Moon also wrote song lyrics. This book is a collection of twelve of her songs, each illustrated by a different artist and put to music by Tom Proutt and Emily Gary. You wouldn’t want to go through the whole book in one night, but one or two songs would make a great part of a bedtime routine. They can also be read as poems. The illustrations make this a book not to miss!

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What are your favorite soothing bedtime books?

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