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Do your kids get in reading ruts?

I know mine do. They might get stuck on a certain series. Or perhaps they won’t read anything other than graphic novels. Fantasy, biography, fact books. All of these can be great choices, but, if you’re like me, you’d like to see your kids branch out and try new books.

There are a lot of great reading challenges out there. I’ve seen some that have an overwhelming list of types of books. Or maybe the types of books they list are so specific, it’s hard to find one your kid will enjoy. There are also lots of Reading Bingos out there, which can also be great. But these allow your kids to skip too many great kinds of books.

That’s why I creating the Reading Hopscotch Challenge.

We all know the rules of hopscotch. You toss a bag, hop on each number, and skip just one space. The Reading Hopscotch Challenge works the same way. Kids read and record one book from each category. They can choose one category to skip (it’s ok not to love every kind of book). And since it’s a challenge, your kids are more likely to do it than if you are pestering them to broaden their reading list! You can even use it alongside a summer reading program.

Here’s a sneak peek at the challenge and award certificate:

Summer Reading Hopscotch Challenge

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***Don’t forget to stop back August 1, 2016 for a chance to win some prizes for kids who finished the challenge!***

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