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I just finished reading an advance copy of Ember Falls by S.D. Smith, and it is magnificent!

Ember Falls, the sequel to The Green Ember, is full of twists and turns, intrigue, and action. Heather and Picket have grown into confident, mature characters, but all their resolve and commitment will be put to the test. They are faced with a bewildering puzzle of who to trust, with betrayal and heartbreak, and difficult decisions that require self-sacrifice.

Your children will be angry, and rightfully so, at the evils in the world Smith portrays and the sacrifice it requires. But this world reflects our own and the evils, betrayals, and injustices it contains. But also the hope. And no matter how desperate and dark the world of Ember Falls becomes, it is never without that dazzling ray of hope.

When Emma says,

“For the Mended Wood and the whole wounded world. Bear the flame.”

we know it’s not just for her world she is speaking, but for our own. May our children learn to stand for truth and against injustice the way Heather, Picket, and their friends do.

If you are looking for your next read-aloud series, you’ve just found it.

Disclosure: I did not receive compensation of any kind for this review. The advance pdf copy I received was for beta-reading purposes, and I requested the publisher’s permission to base my review off of it.